Surprise, Surprise, Arlington Homes are Super Expensive…

April 12, 2019

A company called ATTOM Data Solutions just finished its research of housing and wage numbers in almost 500 counties in the United States. The counties that they researched have almost 231 million people. Like other populous cities in the country, the housing in Arlington is not affordable for the average wage earner in the area.

Apparently, the annual wage increase in Arlington is 2.7 percent. The median price of a home in Arlington $612,500 and a median increase in housing prices is 8.4 percent. The housing prices in the area are only expected to get higher as Amazon moves to Arlington and brings with it higher wage earners. It seems though the positive impacts of the new HQ will far outweigh impacts like increasing housing prices. 


Metro Stations Closed All Summer!

April 10, 2019

All metro stations south of Reagan National Airport will be closed from May 25 and September 2. This will have a huge impact on the city, as the metro is used by thousands of people every day.

The shuttle buses will still operate and give access to the metro station areas. The bigger issue that the county has not yet been able to address completely is how to deal with the parking situation once people start looking for other options when the metro is closed. Metro has said that they will offer parking at the metro garages, but as of now, no discounts have been announced.


Amazon HQ: Ready to Not, Here it Comes!

April 8, 2019

As you’ve heard by now, Amazon is coming to Arlington!

Amazon, the leader of online retailing, is building its second headquarter in Crystal City. This means a lot of changes and growth for the area. It will produce an expected 25,000 jobs in the next 12 years and add an approximate 4 billion dollars to the local economy.

Just recently, the last incentive for the company was passed by the city board, giving them almost 23 million dollars in incentives. This is expected to prove very lucrative for the area, as the tax base will expand exponentially.

Amazon’s move, however, has not been without controversy. In the board meeting where the county board approved the incentive, many protestors were in attendance, one of whom had to be physically removed during the meeting.

That being said, the construction of the HQ is well on its way. Demolition of the buildings that will be part of the future National Landing has started, fences have been placed around the construction area, and the contractors are moving full speed ahead.


Why Are Artists in Arlington, VA Protesting?

April 5, 2019

The Arlington County Board has proposed a cut of over $500,000 to the county’s arts budget. This is unacceptable to a lot of artist groups in Arlington and has led to a planned protest. According to these groups, they will not stand for the county’s, “draconian cuts,” to the arts programs.

The cuts are poised to close a scene shop, a costume shop, and eliminate five different art-related positions within the local government. The cut will also include a direct decrease of $70,000 to the arts grant budget.

A petition against this cut already has almost 3,000 signatures. The rally is planned so that it would coincide with the county’s public budget meeting on Tuesday, April 2nd, at 7 pm.